The 10th International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation


Rapidly developing innovations in technology and pedagogy in education in the 4.0 era have changed the conventional learning environment to be more modern. This condition results in various smart learning environments that appear in various forms, such as flexible, adaptive, blended, flipped, and mobile learning environments. A smart learning environment is a must because it provides an effective, efficient, and flexible environment and provides the ability to adapt to new developments and reflect it continuously. The smart learning environment becomes an adaptive system that enhances the learning experience based on challenges, choices, progress, the use of multimodal media, and the empowerment of abundant learning resources and technologies.

For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a transformative and adaptive reorientation in learning in higher education and research as a means of reflection on learning that has been implemented.  In this context, there is a need for learning that provides access to education and training related to field knowledge, pedagogy, and general skills that are connected to the development of reflective skills to conduct educational research in higher education.

The 10th International Conference of Educational Research and Innovation (ICERI) 2022 provides platforms for researchers and practitioners to share their ideas and experiences in relation to these issues. The conference also brings an excellent opportunity to connect with global participants and enhance further collaborations.



Build the Smart Learning Environment and Strengthen Educational Research Connections



  • The Future and Challenges of Education
  • Preparing for Education in 4.0 Era
  • Human Resource Development for Education
  • Technology and Innovation in Learning
  • Technology and Innovation in Educational Research
  • New Pedagogy: Design, Application, and Evaluation
  • Educational Research Optimisation
  • Smart Learning Environment Design
  • Innovation in Science, Technology, Social, Art, and Sport Science


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